Mentality of the Education Program' Schedule

It is henceforth fact uncontradictable that the scientific regions of Information technology and Telecommunications converge, functioning interrelatedly and complementary in united scientific branch. Characteristic example constitutes the last decade the rapid growth of Internet, which is supported in the coupling of her scientific regions Computer scientist and the Telecommunications.

The Education Program' Schedule the Department was structured so that reflects exactly the above convergence, giving in the students after the 6th semester of study the possibility to select one of the three directions of specialisation: a)Computer Science, b) Telecommunications and Networks and c) Advanced Applications in Informatics and Telecommunications. The three specializations of Education Program' Schedule correspond in three distinct professional, but also scientific spaces. At the same time At the same time, however, someody who has selected any of the three specializations, has the possibility to also deepen enough in the other two specializations, so that can any moment in his career to perceive and manage ubjects that are related to the all scientific regions Thus, the Diploma that he receives will correspond completely in cognitive object that it possesses. He will then really and substantially be an Informatics and Telecommunications Engineer

In the first six semesters of study it is provided the all essential knowledge, in order that the students can smoothly follow any of the three specializations provided. This is achieved with the correct combination of courses from the spaces of Mathematics and Physics, which are essential supplies for somebody to gain a strong background that will ensure the comprehension and the deepening in basic courses, as well as basic courses of three specializations.

Also, providing courses on Systems' Administration, it is ensured the essential knowledge for the discrimination alumnus Engineer as meaning executive in the job market.

Finally, there are also provided courses that them will help students acquire a completed way of thought and extend their scientific interests.