The Thesis is worked out by the students of the department in the last semester of their studies. Her successful transaction, under the supervision of faculty of the department, constitutes essential and formal condition for the acquisition as Electrical and Computer Engineer of the University of Western Macedonia. Each Thesis is individual.

Undertaking Thesis

The students have the right to undertake Thesis after the completion of 8 first semesters of their studies and provided that the number of courses, that somebody has failed, does not exceed the 9. (The 9th semester's courses are not counted.)

Thesis' purpose

Thesis providess the possibility to students of electing their faculties in the completion of self-existent subjects of Science of Electrical and Computer Engineer. Moreover, it is an opportunity to practice and the deepen on scientific issues of Information technology and Telecommunications, as well as their advanced applications. Thesis can combine some of the following characteristics:

  • Research, which can lead to new results worth enough to be published in scientific congresses and magazines.
  • Investigation of new technologies and taking part in development works.
  • Interdepartmental works, worked out in cooperation with faculty members of other departments.

Selecting criteria

The supervisors can use the following criteria before assigning a thesis:

  • Grades on the courses related to Thesis.
  • Average student's grades.

Furthermore, the supervisors have the right to deny to assign a Thesis.

Thesis' consideration

Thesis is considered from the supervisor Professor and one co-examiner. The grade of Thesis is the average of the two grades regarded above.


The candidates present their Thesis in public in a meeting organized by the Department.

Thesis assigning process
  • Thesis for each academic year are announced up to May of the previous academic year. They are announced through the Department's, laboratories and faculty members' websites, as well as in tables of statements or other expedient means. The announcement includes the following: title, summary and required courses.
  • The assigning process lasts from May until September. Students that undertake a Thesis have to declare the thesis' title and the supervisor to the secretariat.
  • The first General Assembly of Department, after the end September, ratifies the assignments.
  • Each faculty member announces their thesis' subjects at least for two and at most for four students.
  • Since all faculty members have assigned the maximum forecasted number of thesis and there are still students that have not undertaken a thesis while they want to and they have the right to then the Department's General Assembly can ratify more assignments than the maximum forecasted for each faculty member.
  • For each Thesis there is a supervisor and , if necessary a co-supervisor, that may be a contractor or a teacher.
  • Any Thesis completed successfully, is declared to the secretariat at most ten days after the end of each examination period(January, June or September).
  • The completed Thesis are presented in a special meeting organized by the Department.

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