Research Works

At this time, the Department takes part in the following research works / development programs. In the list below, there are also included research programs that are planned to start in 2011.

  • “Common Methodology for the implementation of digital local agenda and its impact on regional digital policies” – DLA (INTERREG)
  • “European Forest Fire Monitoring using Information Systems” – EFFMIS (INTERREG)
  • “Natural Language Processing: Techniques, Applications and Challenges” – NaLaProTAC (Erasmus Intensive Program – IP)
  • “Development of Efficient and Robust Controllers for Advanced Energy Systems” – DECADE
  • “Improving capacity of Jordanian Research in Integrated Renewable Energy and Water supply” - JoRIEW
  • “Practice of the University of Western Macedonia” – (EPEAEK)
  • “eUniversity” – (ESPA)
  • “eAlumni” – (ESPA)
  • “Research Infrastructures of U.O.W.M.” – (ESPA)
  • “Efficient Algorithms for Reachability and Path Selection Problems” – (Public benefit foundation Ι.S. Latsis)
  • “Documentation and analysis of endangered languages” – (Public benefit foundation Ι.S. Latsis)
  • “Adoptive Algorithms and Methods of Intelligent Decision-making in Problems of Satisfaction and Optimization of Restrictions” – (IRAKLEITOS II)
  • “Development of Aquatic Resources Pollution Forecast Model with the use of Multi-parameter Network of Sensors” – (IRAKLEITOS II)