Semester 3

Course: Electrical Circuits

Course title Electric Circuits
Course code ΜΚ18
Course type Compulsory
Course level Undergraduate (first cycle)
Year of studies 2nd
Semester 3rd
ECTS Credits 5
Hours per week 5
Instructor(s) Spyridon Chronopoulos
Course content Introduction to the theory of Electric Circuits. Fundamental principles of Electric Circuits (electric current, voltage, Kirchhoff΄s laws), electric element analysis, two-port circuit circuits, complex frequency analysis (complex analysis presentation), systematic analysis methods, electric circuits theorems, coupled circuits, three-phase circuits. Laboratory: Use of appropriate software (MultiSim) for electric circuit analysis.
Expected learning outcomes and competences to be acquired To introduce students into the fundamental knowledge of the theory and analysis of electric circuits. Students gain the necessary background in order to understand various relative concepts in consequent courses.
Prerequisites None
Teaching methods Theory Lectures, Laboratory Exercises & Assignments
Assessment methods Written final exams (80 % Theory, 20 % Laboratory)
Language of instruction Greek
Recommended bibliography
  • Joseρh Α. Εdminister, Ηλεκτρικά Κυκλώματα, ΕΣΠΙ ΕΚΔΟΤΙΚΗ, 1980.
  • Μάργαρης Νίκος Ι., Ανάλυση ηλεκτρικών κυκλωμάτων, ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ Α. ΤΖΙΟΛΑ & ΥΙΟΙ Α.Ε., 2010.
  • FOWLER, Electricity: Principles and Applications with Simulation CD, Εκδόσεις Επίκεντρο Α.Ε., 2012.
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Lecturer: Chronopoulos Spyridon

Lecturer: bellou Sofia